Just chillin', yo!

You're Positive The Door Opens In And Not Out?

Myra Races Home When She Realizes She Forgot To Add The Fabric Softener

I Was Going To Clean Up But You Got Home Early

I Wasn't Sleeping, I Was Resting My Eyes!

You Mean Rosebud Was His Sled?

I Don't Know What You're Talking About...As You Can See This Leg Is Not Wooden

As Tina Talks About Her Summer Vacation, Myra's Thoughts Drift To Alan, The French Bulldog She Met In Spain

Must You Always Leave The Empty Milk Jug In The 'Fridge?

The Last Time I Saw Carpeting Like This Was On An Episode Of "Starsky & Hutch"

With Horror, Myra Realizes Amelia Was Joking When She Said She Wanted A Chia Pet For Her Birthday

Myra Prepares For The Dreaded Pug Chest Bump..

Myra Watches As They Film A Scene For E.R. Down The Street.

You Do Know That Your Jacket Is Hideous, Right? Just Checking.

But Why Can't I Take Tuba Lessons?

You Do Realize You've Told Me The Story Of How You Met Billy Squier AT LEAST 7 TIMES!

Myra Reacts To The News That Leash Laws Have Been Repealed Nationwide!

You Beat Me At Scrabble...But Can You Do This?

Myra Rises For The Pledge Of Allegiance

I Told You To Tell Her We're Just Friends!

Dear God, Please Watch Over My Mama...And Send Me 3 Pounds Of Ground Beef...95% Lean.

Check Out That Pimped Out 1981 Dodge Omni!

So You're Taller Than Me...Big Deal

What Do You Mean You Don't Have Your Keys?

Myra Practices Her Version Of "My Heart Will Go On"

Seriously, He Was Like This When I Got Here

It's A Bird, It's A Plane....It's....The Awning...

Artsy Myra